Laundered Wedding Dress

With gentle care, each stitch and bead delicately washed, the wedding dress emerges anew, ready to relive its magical day once more.

wedding dress cleaning service

It is a heavy fabric cloth which takes time before dry cleaning wedding dress in inspecting, so it needs a laundry service provider which has a good experience and has a good customers feedback, we are proud that we have a team which is professional in this industry and can handle any kind of wedding gowns. For wedding dress cleaning we use a combination of machine and hand washing techniques. After washing it will be pressed to give a crisp and polished look.

how to steam a wedding dress?

When it comes to steaming a wedding dress, we follow these steps to get progressive. The first thing we make sure that before dry cleaning wedding dress, it is clean and dry then we hang the dress and steam it carefully with the steamer we make sure that our team will not be able to make mistakes while following these steps because if it is not done carefully the fabric can get damaged due to raising heat of the steamer.

how long does dry cleaning take?

wedding dress cleaning and preservation depends on the layers of the dress, the heavier the dress is it will be going to consume more days, The maximum limitation of time is 3 days.                  

how to clean a wedding dress?

When it comes to the wedding dress cleaning and preservation it is inspected carefully first for any source of damaging areas. Before wedding dress cleaning, if we found any source of damage careful repairing can be done if necessary. Before dry cleaning wedding dress, We are here to take every precaution to protect the beads, embroidery and lace during the cleaning process.

What we
do Additionally?

We also offer other kind of care for your wedding dress which include alterations to adjust the fit or style of the dress. So, if you want to make sure that your favourite dress remains in top condition, consider taking it to our wedding dress dry cleaning service today.

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