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Jackets wear the tales of Adventures, so be ready to face the world again with clean lineup.

About laundered
jacket service

Our services specialize in cleaning leather jacket and maintaining all kinds of jackets. cleaning leather jacket requires steps which are quite simple, the main procedure we use includes 2 main steps. First, we remove the dust from the jackets with a clean piece of cloth secondly, we prepare a mild soap solution and rub it with the sponge on the jacket, then comes the final process which is of course a good and clean wash.

professional leather jacket dry cleaning services

If you want dry cleaning for leather jacket with minimal effort, availing a good leather jacket dry cleaning service is a good option. Our team of Experts are here to help the customers and satisfy their needs. We ensure that dry cleaning leather jacket helps remove stains and dirt and keep your clothes soft and healthy

What we
do Additionally?

Additionally, after leather jacket cleaning, our team of experts do share some techniques of removing tough stains from your jacket. For instance, it is harder to remove tough stains from leather jackets. So leather jacket cleaning includes some ways to clean them.

  • In the first step of dry cleaning leather jacket, Use soap and water on the stained surface of your jacket.
  • You can use toothpaste as well just rub it gently and wash it up.
  • Before dry cleaning for leather jacket, the Usage of Baking soda can be effective as well.
  • The last option is to use Rubbing Alcohol.

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